Harp Music by Belinda Pring - Weddings, bride
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Don’t let your guests wait for the bride in silence... imagine how beautiful the sound of the harp would be as it greets them and makes a warm welcome for everyone.

"It's Your Day … Give it the Romance you Want … Walk down the Aisle to the beautiful sound of the Harp"

To walk down the aisle … to the sound of the harp … to the man you love, would be the dream of many brides.

Harp Music by Belinda Pring - Weddings, brideI have played the harp at dawn, on a pink sunrise-coloured beach with the bride riding a white horse along the edge of the waves … her veil flowing out behind her like the early morning mist.

I have played in churches with the harp bathed in light through stained glass windows …it's gentle pure music floating high into the high vaulted ceilings.

I have played the harp in a circle of rose petals at romantic garden ceremonies with the bride and her bridesmaids adorned with flowers.

I have played for romantic proposals … some in richly decorated private rooms and others outdoors in the beauty of nature.

There's something very special about a harp at a wedding ceremony, with its elegance and its beauty … to look at and listen to … that makes each ceremony unique and remembered forever.

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