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Greet your guests with style as they arrive …

A harp for pre-dinner drinks at your reception will create elegance and style. Your friends and guests will be greeted in a very special way and the music will float all around them without it being intrusive as they talk together.

I know from experience people never have to move away from the harp to enjoy their conversations … its beautiful music mingles unobtrusively adding joy to the special occasion.

You can choose to have the harp in different locations during your function. For example, the music is often perfect in one area, as it greets your guests for pre-dinner drinks, and then it can be moved to another room to welcome them
Harp Music by Belinda Pring - Pre-dinner drinks
Star City
again as they come in to dinner … creating a sense of harmony from one area to the next.

You're very welcome to come and listen to me play and under no obligation to book me ... just come and enjoy how beautiful the harp sounds ... and it's a good way to choose which special pieces of music you would like played at your reception.

The harp can be gently amplified at receptions so the music is not lost.

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