Harp Music in the ChurchChurches

Fill your church with the beauty of traditional wedding ceremony music played on the harp …

Imagine how beautiful the harp will sound on your wedding day as the clear notes of church music ring out like bells through the beauty of your church. Your guests will be greeted with warmth and elegance as they listen to the harp creating a beautiful atmosphere into which you will arrive.

Church Picture
Art Photograpy by Kira

I play the same music that the organist would play … the choice of music is exactly the same …so if you want a romantic alternative you can walk down the aisle to the beauty of the harp which will make your ceremony distinctively different.

The harp is perfect for the Signing of the Register and during the lighting of your candles, and when the ceremony concludes you can choose the harp to ring out its music in celebration as you walk down the aisle together.

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